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3 Dimensional Chat / 3d Grid Placing Blocks

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Joined: 21st Mar 2003
Posted: 21st Mar 2003 19:45
I was hoping someone could help me with an idea of how to code this. I have a flat plane, and want to be able to place bocks for players to build walls, the block shapes are a X,Z,L,1x1,2x1,4x1 kinda like tetris shapes.
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Joined: 24th Apr 2003
Posted: 4th May 2003 22:23
first you need to decide on the size of your grid cubes and the number of cubes...say a 10*10*10 3d grid, where each grid cube is 10(or whatever) units wide, then dimension an array like grid(1000,3)
the first dimension to control each grid number, and the next dimension actually shows the x,y,z coords of a grid point. You only need to define one grid point per grid cube. Because since you know your grid cube size you can infer that later on when placing opbjects

to actually store the grid number and coords.. simply loop through the array from 0 to however many grid units you want.

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