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3 Dimensional Chat / Solid snake from the old forum is back!!! Hi guys!

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Joined: 3rd Jan 2003
Posted: 24th Mar 2003 04:31
Hey Old school DB programmers, I'm back. Going to college at AIPX now, and I actually have a big team of game devs now! I got my copy of DBPro bout two days ago. (FINALLY) and now....I HAVE LOTS OF QUESTIONS!!!!!

There is a bsp compiler with dbpro, I assume this is for coverting x or 3ds files into bsps? If so, where is the dang thing? Maybe I'm just a little off, but i can't find it. Also, My video card is way outta date, but it says I have bump mapping avail. but i don't see the bump mapping.... At least the cel shading works! but I'll need a better card for reflection and shadows (any ideas?)

Hmmmm, then there is this patch 3DS!!!!???? Absurd! anyway, when is patch 5 gonna get here?

DBPro is wayyy different, and I'm still "cutting my teeth" as they say here a lot, but after programming in DB for sooo long, I feel like i should have it in no time.

OH! What is vector3? and what is zfog and wfog? I see the return value commands, but how is it implemented? o.O

Not too much else to say, my models kick butt now! (I'm getting my B.A in Game Art and Design!) Also if anyone doesn't remember me, maybe you'll remember my demo release: Reign of the Mage Knights, which is now being re written, and totally re vamped, after I hooked up a new team,(buddies from school) we all started production on the new version. It's gonna be great, but this bsp thing is really killin me. I can't for the life of me figure it out. GRRR! anyways somebody holler back at me, and I hope to hear from my old friends from the DB forums.


Formerly known as Solid Snake

PS Anybody remember VDogg187 LOL!!!!!!

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