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Geek Culture / small download of my StarFox(SNES) inspired project or whatever.

Twisted Matrix
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Joined: 5th Oct 2002
Posted: 9th Oct 2002 10:17

Sorry, no screenshots. There wouldnt be much point anyways.
The ship is an elongated cone with two squased cubes for wings. I fact, there is no FPS throttling either. And i have been experiencing a bug occasionally with the z-buffer.
So, dont even expect this to run.

This is basicly just a physics demo (And not a very good one at that) But since i took the time to upload it, it would be cool if someone would check it out and hook me up with some *real* feedback, preferably someone who knows a fair deal about physics theory, quanternoins, trig, and all that jazz.

but if not, i would be happy with "Yeah, it was cool" too.


well, damn. I am having trouble uploading the file. I guess I will try again i a little while. I will post when it is up.
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Joined: 26th Aug 2002
Posted: 9th Oct 2002 23:51
dammit that server is down

anyway good to see you TM! haven't talked to you in months!

i'm looking at yooooou!

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