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The 20 Line Challenge / Basic Paint Game

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Joined: 4th Mar 2003
Location: My Computer
Posted: 5th Apr 2003 18:24 Edited at: 5th Oct 2005 18:44
This is my first `completed` game. Its called Paint.
You use the cursor key to control the brush thing and use the keys mentioned to change colour.
sorry until i get a website upo and running you wont be able to see the title screen, no biggy though its not very important
Whisper Wind
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Joined: 5th Apr 2003
Posted: 6th Apr 2003 03:00
That’s interesting, but you have a lot of lines left, how about you make it mouse controlled? Then you would be able to click on colored boxes to change the color and maybe buttons to adjust the circle size. It would be pretty cool to me if you could do that in 20 lines.
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Joined: 23rd Apr 2003
Location: right there
Posted: 12th May 2003 04:23
Thats pretty cool. You should add a clear function though.

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