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Dark Physics & Dark A.I. & Dark Dynamix / [Dark Physics] Problems using vehicle physics

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Joined: 10th May 2003
Location: Isle Of Wight, UK
Posted: 9th Aug 2006 01:15
First off, i've only used the vehicle commands so far, and from what i've used, this addon seems pretty good, although it does have many problems (thats not me!)

But one problem i can't seem to fix is the steering of a car. If i fiddle with the settings, i either get quick steering response when the car is slow, and stupidly quick steering response when the car is at max speed, or stupidly slow steering when the car is slow, and still stupidly fast when the cars at max speed.

When the car is at max speed, its impossible to turn a corner, the car does a 180 on the slighest touch of turning. It also bounces like crazy when it goes over the smallest bump, and i've messed with vehicle mass, and gravity to my hearts content!

The code is below if it helps anyone.

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Joined: 24th Mar 2006
Location: Nottinghamshire, England
Posted: 9th Aug 2006 02:24
I have not used any of the vehicle commands yet but at a quick glance I would look into setting the steering delta to slow the turn speed, and try fiddling with the suspension properties for the bouncing.

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Joined: 5th Dec 2005
Posted: 12th Aug 2006 05:08
actualy believe it or not when i was young and stupid i wrapped my camaros spedometer back to 35mph...what you just stated is so true...just the bouncing of the vehicle on smoothroad causes the vehicle to swerve quite a bit no matter how hard you grab the you a higher respect for those nascar drivers

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Joined: 18th Nov 2003
Location: scotland-uk
Posted: 12th Aug 2006 20:20
maybe you should have a gradual turning type thing, when they press turn it starts turning the wheels and it takes about 0.5-1 sec for the wheels to reach their full angle.

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