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Dark Physics & Dark A.I. & Dark Dynamix / Explosions and Implosions

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Joined: 25th Dec 2005
Location: Ohio
Posted: 13th Aug 2006 22:44
Alright,these are two things I had been planning for my game for a while. First issue,explosions. When I modify the explosion function in the "Explosion" demo,it doesn't work. Here is the modified code for that:

That code doesn't effect any rigid body.

Now onto issue 2. In my game I wanted implosions as well. Now,how would I go about doing this? Can I have spots of gravity so things can be sucked into that,and then delete the point. Or do I have to apply a force to the object until it goes to that one point? Thanks in advance

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Joined: 22nd Mar 2005
Location: United Kingdom
Posted: 13th Aug 2006 23:08
You could make a sphere object which has been turned inside you, then you could scale it inwards until you no longer need it.

Doing that would squash all the objects inside the sphere. Once the sphere has disappeared, the objects might explode (which may or may not be desired ).

I'll give it a go and if I've got something working, i'll post it here.

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