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Dark Physics & Dark A.I. & Dark Dynamix / [Both] Confusing choices..

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Joined: 19th Oct 2003
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Posted: 14th Aug 2006 08:56
After upgrading to both Dark AI and Dark Physics and seeing all the power they have it becomes more and more difficult to decide how to do something using them.

For example, I'm making an object walk around by clicking on the screen. It's like a RTS implementation with units that move to the mouse position. In the past I used "move object" etc. but now I'd like to benefit from the collision and the AI path finding to avoid objects.

Which is way is right (or better at least?)
Should I use a PHY character controller to move the character around, benefitting from the physics it can interact with or should I use Dark AI and make the character a friendly AI entity that will move to my waypoint and easily find the best way to get to where it needs to go. Or do I implement both somehow?

I'm thinking Dark AI but everytime I decide I swing back the other way justifying it for some reason.

Thank you TGC for creating such amazing products!

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Joined: 5th Dec 2005
Posted: 14th Aug 2006 22:14
you can implement both...i forgot what the order of operation is i believe you update the ai first then update the physics

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