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Joined: 4th Apr 2005
Location: North America
Posted: 10th Sep 2006 21:11 Edited at: 10th Sep 2006 21:12
I do not understand how this command is supposed to work b/c the documentation does not explain it very well.

But I do believe that it is bugged in any case as I have experimented with many values, and tried the command before the main loop and inside the loop. Either the scene doesn't move at all, or it jumps once to insane values then doesn't move again. Media attached.

Also, why is it that when using auto fixed timing the scene will not behave in a linear fashion? Sometimes it goes into slo motion and sometimes it goes into fast forward.

Also, when using auto fixed timing, everything behaves as if it's on the moon. I realize I could increase gravity to make things fall more quickly, but that doesn't really answer the question of whether the timing is really correct when using auto fixed timing. If I take out all the timing commands it seems more realistic. Increasing the gravity to compensate for a slow simulation will also affect other forces in such a way as to throw off the reality of the simulation.

If auto fixed timing is actually correct, then the default gravity of -9.8 must be incorrect. If the default gravity is correct, then auto fixed timing must be incorrect. Either way something is not right.


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dark coder
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Joined: 6th Oct 2002
Location: Japan
Posted: 10th Sep 2006 21:34
I agree that the auto timing command sucks, it seems to be based off screen fps(), or something which would explain why it only seems to update every 1000ms or so, allowing the user to input there own elapsed value would be best as the current auto system is pretty useless, even the demo shows this problem.

Hallowed are the ori.

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