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Dark Physics & Dark A.I. & Dark Dynamix / Any chance of good collision commands?

dark coder
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Joined: 6th Oct 2002
Location: Japan
Posted: 11th Sep 2006 14:22
In my current project, I have lots of weapons which are just physics objects, but should these bullets hit something, I want them to dissapear and possibly leave some sort of a effect behind, while this is possible with the current collision commands, it's very wastefull, cause I have to check through every single collision that has occoured and check if my desired objects are inside there, now if I had a scene with hundreds of objects all colliding, then scanning through the collision list would take a few ms`s which is a total waste imo, why woulden't we just have a simple 'Phy Hit(a,b)'

Hallowed are the ori.
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Joined: 4th Apr 2005
Location: North America
Posted: 11th Sep 2006 14:32
That would be useful, especially if you could set the second parameter to 0 to get a return value of what object 'a' collided with.

David iz cool
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Joined: 21st Sep 2005
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Posted: 12th Sep 2006 03:21
yes,id like that command too.
Cash Curtis II
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Joined: 8th Apr 2005
Location: Corpus Christi Texas
Posted: 12th Sep 2006 11:54
The collision feedback commands are weak. I think that this is very important, and should be addressed. Specifically, I'd like commands powerful enough for me to generate sounds based on material collisions. Collision groups would be ideal for this. I need to be able to track object/group collisions and play each sound only once. Right now the collision system is too inefficient to do that with lots of objects.

The NGC collision feedback commands are pretty good. That would be a good model to get feedback from this collision system.

Come see the WIP!
Lost in Thought
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Joined: 4th Feb 2004
Location: U.S.A. : Douglas, Georgia
Posted: 12th Sep 2006 23:25 Edited at: 12th Sep 2006 23:25
I have some ideas for making the feedback alot more useful (with DBP code). I'm still learning the DP system for now. Once I get it more down and start to integrate it into the free engine, I'll have to come up with a system anyway. I'll post whatever I get working. I'll bet it will be a while before TGC starts adding new features to DP.

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