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Dark Physics & Dark A.I. & Dark Dynamix / Static Mesh appears below the object

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Posted: 18th Sep 2006 00:23 Edited at: 18th Sep 2006 00:37
Just got round to playing with the DarkPhysics stuff and my first test app has thrown something strange up. Its might be something very simple I am doing wrong but I can't see what.
Here is the code:

Basically the bowl.x model is a very simple uneven bowl model knocked up in MilkShape. It is convex (if that makes a difference). If you run it and move the mouse up and down to adjust the camera angle you will see that the box hits the bowl much lower than the bowls actual position. Other than that it seems to roll on the uneven surface correctly. Any ideas?

EDIT: My apologies. I didn't realise there was a DarkPhysics update available. Installing this has fixed the problem. Don't I feel the fool


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