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The 20 Line Challenge / [LOCKED] Make your computer explode!

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Joined: 11th Dec 2004
Location: Canada
Posted: 13th Dec 2006 03:13
Heres a keyboard program I just made;

Its sloppy, but it works. It lets you hit the keys to make different sounds, and then press space to play back what you've recorded. The only thing its really missing is a counter to record the time delay between each key hit, but I got bored.

I never knew using the internal beeps was that easy .

Code Dragon
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Joined: 21st Aug 2006
Location: Everywhere
Posted: 18th Dec 2006 23:14 Edited at: 18th Dec 2006 23:16
For a few days after I found the forums, I used to do a check to see if there was a delete file command in the code I dowloaded, but not anymore. Anyway, the code posted here is starting to get out of hand. I never should have formatted that floppy 4 months ago and posted that the command prompt askes you first...

Quote: "Not the ones that delete data but the ones that make your computer act up"

Those kinds of programs are fun! Just yeserday I made the Blue Screen of Death pop up when my brother went to play it.

A few weeks ago I made a VB program with a single form that clones itself every 2 seconds. Within 10 seconds the screens full of them. When enough get on the screen I hit the big end button and you see each one dissapear, one after another... Sometimes closing the program takes a whole minute there's so many!


Neat music program. Last year I made a program that lets you make the lyrics of a song pop up in time, I always used the DK rap.

Mr Minimal
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Joined: 7th Sep 2003
Posted: 20th Dec 2006 21:40
Oh, guys, the "FORMAT C:"-batch file won't work. Windows won't let that happen - at least not if it is a system disk. Or am I wrong? Don't try it anyway, just in case...

Uhm. Whatever.
John Y
Synergy Editor Developer
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Joined: 4th Sep 2002
Location: UK
Posted: 20th Dec 2006 21:55
Guys, Please spend your time doing something constructive

Get the new DarkBasic Professional IDE for only $19.99/~£9.85

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