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Dark Physics & Dark A.I. & Dark Dynamix / Major problems when using/making convex hulls.

dark coder
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Posted: 28th Sep 2006 09:56 Edited at: 28th Sep 2006 09:58
Hey all,

While I was testing some things in my game I noticed a really strange problem with the collision on one of my meshes, so anyways I made 2 screenshots of the problem, unlike newton which sometimes causes verts to be flung out of the mesh making the collision rather stupid, it seems when dp doesn't like a mesh it just rotates what could be a fine collision mesh.

The only thing I can thing of is that this mesh isn't a closed mesh, however I encountered this problem when making a buildering(closed 12 polys mesh) so instead I just used box collision for now, and to show this isn't my stupidity I made 2 screenshots from the debugger, one using box collision the other using convex.

Convex collision, yet my object is apparently standing on its edge, yet in 3d it's flat.

Same thing but using box collision, andis shaped exactly as it looks in 3d.

It doesn't seem to rotate every mesh however, as I have another object which isn't a closed mesh but the convex hull collision mesh is fine.

If mike/rich or whoever wants a mesh then just ask.

Hallowed are the ori.

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