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2D All the way! / flashing text ...eeeek

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Joined: 15th Apr 2003
Location: United Kingdom
Posted: 18th Apr 2003 01:52
hi, i have a bitmap background with sprites moving on the page, the score text keeps flashing and the sprites dont move as quick as they shud, can anyone tell me what iam missing ?? cheers john
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Joined: 10th Mar 2003
Location: Long Island, NY
Posted: 18th Apr 2003 06:21

It would help if you posted some code. Without the code I would guess that you haven't set your sync rate.
for maximum sync rate:
in the initialization of your game type:

sync rate 0
sync on

at the end of your game loop type:


"sync rate 0" will refresh the screen as fast as the processor allows
to lock ar 60 frames per sec use
sync rate 60

If this doesn't help you please post the code that is giving you a problem

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