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Dark Physics & Dark A.I. & Dark Dynamix / Don't use low mass numbers!

dark coder
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Joined: 6th Oct 2002
Location: Japan
Posted: 8th Oct 2006 14:00
In my compo entry I was messing around with my various object settings, and noticed that they didn't seem to rotate ingame which was very strange, and finally tracked it down to my mass numbers apparently being too low, I made a small demo showing this issue.

While this isn't so much a bug, it's a real annoying thing, cause setting an object that is only sized 50x5x50 to 100 shoulden't be an issue atall, so in my game I'm having to use stupidley high mass/joint break numbers just to stop it not working.

Hallowed are the ori.
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Joined: 5th Dec 2005
Posted: 8th Oct 2006 18:38
if i remember properly from the docs the masses are in kilograms and the units are in meters by default therefore you have something that is little larger than half a football field and weighing approximately 200 pounds(1 pound I believe being around 454 grams).

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