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Steve J
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Joined: 22nd Apr 2006
Location: Vancouver, Washington
Posted: 14th Oct 2006 02:56
I have been programming a "fake" 3rd person game (Basically it is 1st person, but looks 3rd person) set it space. Well, It has a sun (Billboarded plain), it has an ai ship, and a planet. The problem is controls. When I move, I move backwards. I use mouse look but it doesn't work. I can't ever get out of the suns view.=/ I implemented the same code (The movement code), into an fps game, and it worked fine.

This is for the Nvidia comp btw. Attached is the source.

I tried a variety of fixes (changing vars, and values, ect), but it seems to me, that physics are the issue, not totally, but a hunch. If not, I don't know=/

Steve J, less, and less Controversial!


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