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Dark Physics & Dark A.I. & Dark Dynamix / [Dark AI] Various questions and requests

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Posted: 19th Oct 2006 20:59

I have some questions about Dark AI and I need your help. I don't know if I missed some commands or if it can be some futur requests.

1/ Problem/Suggestion : Patrol Path
If we assign a patrol path to an entity ('AI entity assign patrol path'), is it possible to stop the patrol mode because the entity always tries to keep on patrolling ? We can remove the path but it's not interesting if we want to keep the data. Like the command 'Ai set entity defending mode' exists, what about a 'AI set/remove patrolling mode' ?

2/ Suggestion : Defend Area
In fact, when an entity defends an area (AI ENTITY DEFEND AREA), is it possible to increase its move ? Because the entity only roams on small distances so the area is not really protected. Why not using a distance between 0 and random(0) * area radius *2 ? The area will be completely covered.

3/ Suggestion : Change team
Is it possible to change the team of an entity ? For example, a neutral entity becomes an enemy... We can delete the entity and then re-add it but we need to define all the properties a second time (view, roam, hearing...).

4/ Some details
-> When an entity defends a point, the state$ is not modified. It returns 'idle'.
-> Sometimes, the action$ returns 'moving, strafing...' but the entity is not moving so it's difficult to define a good animation.
-> In the help files, there is a mistake about 'AI SET ENTITY DEFENDING', it's 1 to stop defending and 0 set the entity as defending.
-> About AI PATH ADD POINT, it can interesting to add a parameter : the position in the path. Instead of adding a point at the end of the patch, it can interesting to choose the position.

Thanks for your help !

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