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Dark Physics & Dark A.I. & Dark Dynamix / Particle emiiter deletion

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Joined: 17th Jun 2004
Location: UK
Posted: 22nd Oct 2006 01:49
Hi, when i want to delete a particle emitter it causes my game to crash, how can i delete an emitter in game?
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Joined: 8th Sep 2006
Location: Bremerhaven (Germany)
Posted: 25th Oct 2006 13:32
Hiho Iain,

I modded the particle-demo (the one with the building and the smoke inside) for my Dark-Physics-Competition-Game and tried something like that (in the original demo they used this way for deleting the Emitter, too!):

Maybe that helps


Athlon 64X2 4800+ (939);
2GB DDR-400;
GeForce 6800LE (@12 Pixel-Shader-Units, 6 Vertex-Shader-Units; GPU: @ 380 MHz, RAM: 434 MHz)

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