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Dark Physics & Dark A.I. & Dark Dynamix / Licensing a game with DarkPhysics/Ageia

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Posted: 29th Oct 2006 10:43
Hi folks,

I've considered buying DarkPhysics and converting over my Newton projects, but the website is very ambiguous regarding selling a title you make with Ageia.

Has anyone done the licensing and can tell me how much they charge you? I don't want to buy the DarkPhysics sdk just for the fun of it, but rather I want to sell stuff I make with it. Anyone know how much it costs to release a game using it? Seems dumb they wouldn't post any info anywhere about this.

Thanks for any information.

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Richard Davey
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Posted: 29th Oct 2006 10:54
It's game specific. Those who have talked to Aegia about a license haven't had to pay anything. They evaluate it on a game by game basis.

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