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Dark Physics & Dark A.I. & Dark Dynamix / Movement of dynamic objects using character controller

General Reed
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Joined: 24th Feb 2006
Posted: 31st Oct 2006 21:36 Edited at: 31st Oct 2006 21:37
I found coggers usefull code, for moveing dynamic objects, but i notiaced that objects would not move for some reason sometimes, and the boxes reacted unrealisticly. So it suddenly sprang to my mind that none of the mathematical stuff is needed (Applying forces to colliding objects etc). Instead, I have used the kinematic objects to the advantage. I create a kenematic object which is slightly bigger than the character controller and update its position to be the same as the character contorller. Here is the code (It is an edited version of coggers code, no Pusher function)

The main advantage of doing it this way, is that anything in DP will react with it (Ragdolls, Cloth, Dynamic particles etc)

Hope this is usefull

General Reed

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