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Dark Physics & Dark A.I. & Dark Dynamix / Cloth lighting messed up, and strange behavior

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Posted: 2nd Nov 2006 13:02
Is it just me, or does the lighting for a DarkPhysics cloth get messed up when you rotate it? I basically yanked out the sample cloth (the tearing example) but in my program it's entirely obvious that the lighting is skewed from the rest of the scene.

Are the surface normals somehow staying the same when you rotate it?

I'm using the demo version of DarkPhysics by the way. (for a few more days)

ALSO, I noticed that when I vary the polygon count of the cloth object by changing the width/height/depth ratio as the docs say, it sometimes clobbers one of my other rigid bodies in the scene. (Everything usually works fine, but certain w/h/d combos make one of my other objects stop responding to physics completely (hangs in the air - change cloth depth and it comes back to life next time). Other ratios/polygon counts will make one of the cloth polygons suddenly have a corner with the position of 0,0,0 causing it to have a big stretched section connected to 0,0,0


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