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3 Dimensional Chat / positioning lights in scene? real shadows?

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Joined: 9th Oct 2002
Posted: 14th Oct 2002 12:12
anybody knows how the info of the position of the lights
that can be in the .3ds or .x file can be imported in db?

iwant to make the map using 3d studio and i dont like to compile it in bsp,because i can push more the detail
in this format, and i tried to put the positions of the lights seeing the coordinates in 3d max but there arent the same, the lights dont appear in the correct place.

how can i do? and how these lights can cast shadows in these map? (for example the shadow of a pilar in the floor)
because i putted a light + or - in a near position of a pilar, and only shadows a uniform zone of the level, dont make "real" shadowing...

if anyone can help me..

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