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Dark Physics & Dark A.I. & Dark Dynamix / gravity/density well when objects at rest on rotating platform

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Joined: 9th Sep 2006
Posted: 23rd Nov 2006 08:53
In DP, I have a few dozen cylinders, in the engine as dynamic meshes, at rest on a larger dynamic cylinder with a revolute constraint on it. The larger rotating platform is the playfield, and the smaller cylinders are the pucks of sorts. In my main do loop, I'm setting the angular velocity of the big platform to rotate it, and thus rotate the smaller cylinders. However, after a while I noticed that the smaller cylinders all start to glide almost unnoticably slow toward the center. For a while, I was using the update mass command to change the mass or density (I use variables for both and was messing with one or the other at any given time). At one point, the density was so high it made a gravity well, like in the Homer Cubed episode of the Simpsons.

However, when I commented out the code to update the mass, the cylinders still move toward the center. I have my static friction on the platform set to 1.0. I was wondering what is causing the "Greeble Greeble" effect (If you've seen the movie Freaks you know what I mean). Is it a matter of density/mass, friction, or what?

Thank you so much for your help
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Posted: 23rd Nov 2006 19:23 Edited at: 23rd Nov 2006 19:23
After reading your post I placed a stack of boxes on top of each other and then increased the mass eventually the box fell through the static floor. I was hoping you were describing an effect that would draw other objects to it as its mass created its own gravity.

I did create a centerfuge using DP somewhat as you described but the only effect i noticed is that after the the main bowl reved up to a certain level the contents (lots of spheres) would pass through the wall

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