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3 Dimensional Chat / counterstrike models

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Joined: 20th Jan 2003
Posted: 26th Apr 2003 17:00
well basically i want to use some weapons and other models from counterstrike for my game while it is in progress. I can get them into milkshape with the decompile tool but getting the animations has just given me trouble so far. I've just been doing import again with an animation file and saying no to appending it at current time. Then i do get the animation but one of the hands is in the wrong place and the whole animation is jerky.

has anyone succesfully achieved this before - if so id love to know how!

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Joined: 28th Jan 2003
Location: Australia
Posted: 27th Apr 2003 09:18
there is a few good tutorials similar to what you want in the milkshape 3d website. But you should make your own weapons. Valve may not like you using their 3d weapons in your game. But you can do whatever you like


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