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Mr Anderson
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Joined: 14th Oct 2003
Location: NYC
Posted: 9th Dec 2006 19:17
Greetings all,

I purchased the Dark AI plugin as part of the Holiday promotion, I also got Dark Physics.

As I am very aware of Dark AI being put to really good us for ground AI, I wondered if any one has expiramented with Flight/Space Combat AI or is it even possible?

Any advise or examples would be helpful. I have never used it. It will be a little bit before I can play with it b/c I'm going to reconstruct my computer and reinstall all the software. (It has been 2 years... time to backup and refresh)


IDIC (Infinite Diversity Infinite Combinations)
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Joined: 15th Dec 2005
Location: Rochester, NY
Posted: 31st Mar 2007 12:55
Check out this thread: Ignore the top part; somewhile down it says something about space combat.


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Joined: 8th May 2004
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Posted: 31st Mar 2007 13:59 Edited at: 31st Mar 2007 21:30
My nVidia compo (Overload) entry uses AI for enemy saucers above ground level attacking the player on the ground.
You can use the fact that AI does not account for the Y axis to your advantage. It just means that you have to figure it in yourself.

Ad Astra Per Asper
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Joined: 23rd Nov 2002
Posted: 31st Mar 2007 19:12
In open 3D space it should be simpler to write an AI logic
Use vectors to calculate the distance between objects then ray cast between the 2 to see if they are in line of sight

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