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Dark Physics & Dark A.I. & Dark Dynamix / Dark Physics: Worthy Buy?

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Joined: 3rd Dec 2004
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Posted: 10th Dec 2006 22:18
Hi everyone,

After getting back into programming, I soon found myself right where I last left, having it out with the horrors of collision and physics. However, after convincing myself that I do indeed need some library, Ive almost settled on Dark physics. I really just have one question, and that is, does it suit me? By that I mean is it practical for a game where there will not be many big explosions, crumbling towers, and all that juicy physics stuff. I really just want a game with a physics system that lets it do the basics (aka collision, gravity, cloth type effects, the likes). So, is Dark physics practical for this? Cheers.

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Posted: 10th Dec 2006 22:40 Edited at: 10th Dec 2006 22:41

Actually the cloth-size seems to be restricted to something like 11x11 units! (I'm not sure about that, but others told that they tried to make it bigger and they had no success! BUT this should be fixed in the next update, hopefully!)

As long as you are not useing more than 100 objects at once in softwaremode, it should perform well for gravity etc.! Also the possibilities will grow (slowly) with the AGEIA-SDK, which is the base of DP! Hopefully with the next update you could get effects like "deformable objects" and fluids in softwaremode, if TGC convert the AGEIA-SDK completely!

For collisions you should have a look at sparkys collision DLL:
It's free, easy to use and very handy! (In the game in my sig, I used DP and sparkys collision-DLL!)

Good luck


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Joined: 23rd Nov 2002
Posted: 11th Dec 2006 07:15
Dark Physics is great for all of the effects you describe. Look through the demos from TGC and the examples from the software competition to verify that it is something that you really can use. Dark Physics handles a lot of the grunt work and a lot can be achieved with a small amount of code. As with all programming the main restriction to what can be achieved are limited more by the programmers resources, time and talent than the software.

Hope this helps


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