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3 Dimensional Chat / need 3D boat models!

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Joined: 22nd Feb 2003
Posted: 29th Apr 2003 02:31
I'm working on a project and I'm not quite sure what it's going to be called but I'm thinking about Tides of Chaos and I just thought I'd make a game with Boats because I thought it's different than what everyone else is doing. So I was just wondering if anyone has any good Boat AND submarine models that they could send to this address

Just about any boat and sub. models will be appreciated and i'll be sure to give you credit, If it's wanted, in my finished product.
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John H
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Joined: 14th Oct 2002
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Posted: 29th Apr 2003 02:36
I think this is the more appropriate forum for this post

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Joined: 7th Apr 2003
Posted: 29th Apr 2003 20:14
Here's an excellent search engine for 3d models - you can even specify only look for free ones.

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