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3 Dimensional Chat / DBPro BSP/PVS compiler question

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Posted: 30th Apr 2003 02:02
I created this thread for my question as it's to do with the BSP/PVS compiler tool supplied with DBPro.

In another thread, I had problems with the BSP Collision Hit command which seemed to fail when used with BSP files created with Hammer, or more appropriately, the BSP Compiler tools. HalfLife and Quake level files also caused the same function failure.

As a test, I created an X file which basically consisted of a box object and compiled it into a BSP file using the DBPro BSP compiler. After loading the BSP into DBPro, to my supprise, the BSP COLLISION HIT and BSP COLLISION X/Y/Z commands worked. I'm confused as to why they work with BSP files created with the DBPro tool, but not HalfLife or Quake levels.

This is a step in the right direction for what I require, but I have another problem. How do I apply textures to the surfaces of the BSP file created by the DBPro compiler tool, and is it also possible to apply light maps to the surfaces too?

Many thanks guys & gals.
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