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3 Dimensional Chat / Some questions about the ".X" fromat and its use in DBPro

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Joined: 1st May 2003
Posted: 2nd May 2003 01:01
I still haven't putted my hands on DBPro but I'm downloading the trial while waiting the full copy to be delivered.

I ordered with it the Texture Maker, sure to use it, but now I'm curious about Cartography Shop.
It would be useful to build maps, with lightmaps and export everything in .X (among the options).

Now I would like to know if via DBPro I would be able to:

- load the .X including textures, lightmaps, tec...
- if DBPro will handle "easily" such an heavy .X
- if there are "simple" ways of handling the collision of other objects with the .X in a way to follow the surface (like walking on it) of detecting obstacles (like hitting the wall). Obviously I mean ways different from using invis objects around the charatcer to detect the collision

Thank for the replies.
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Joined: 26th Apr 2003
Posted: 2nd May 2003 02:47
i'm new to DB PRO but I can give you some pointers...

You can load .x models fine in DB PRO
I did load .x models with textures and animation... (not tried lightmaps at all so far..something I will look into later on for myh project)

I have never used Cartography Shop, so I don't know if it exports .x maps with lightmaps etc... but it should say on the features list I think

About the collision with other objects...
if you are talking about something like: you .x model needs to move in a world (world.x) and you need surface collision and walls collision so far the best way I'm aware of is through the use of a 3rd party (at the moment free) DLL created by some nice ppl

dont' have the link right now... do a search on the forums at RGT for DLL Collision

I'll post the link tomorrow. This DLL is really cool... at the moment you would need to work out a way to have your object to tilt on angled surfaces yourself.. (like in the hovercraft tutorial on DB pages)

I hope this helps a bit with your questions

P.S. if you use matrixes... than it is easy to follow the surface and tilting on sloped surfaces.... but for more SHAPE-Flexibility of your world model I guess a .x level would be better

other option (did not try yet) is BSP for small closed environments


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Joined: 1st May 2003
Posted: 2nd May 2003 21:41
First of all Thx Rollit.
Obviously I'm very curious about this DLL.

I also find out that yes, something can be easily done.
I saw a demo posted in the "Beat ann." forum whene a simple program loads the .x the collision map (done with CShop) and the lightmap (done with CS).
And everything works fine.

...the example might not cover all possibilities but we have an uneven terrain (and the object follows it fine) and walls (and the objet stops).
I would have to try with a more complex world.

As soon as I have 5 mins I'll try and let you know about this possible solution.

Let me know about that DLL so I'll be able even to compare easyness of use and speed.

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