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3 Dimensional Chat / Using Milkshape to create a model with .x

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Joined: 3rd May 2003
Posted: 3rd May 2003 16:53
Hail DB guru's!
Need a bit of help with using a model from Milkshape. I've created a human model (super low poly x-d ) and am trying to use it in a DBPro program. Basically the only code I'm using in DBPro is what it takes to display the model that I exported from Milkshape. The problem I am running into is that after exporting to DirectX from Milkshape then going to DBPro to load, the model appears a bit dismembered. I got the head floating somewhere above em and the legs disassembled as well. Animation works (so far just waving arms) fine but wondered if anyone ever ran into this too.
John H
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Posted: 4th May 2003 00:11
Hmmmm, in milkshape, in the 3D window, is "Draw Backfaces" UNSELECTED, if it is selected, then the model will draw its backfaces. You need to uncheck it to see what your model really looks like.


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