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3 Dimensional Chat / DarkBASIC resource website

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Joined: 29th Apr 2003
Location: United Kingdom
Posted: 4th May 2003 15:03
I was thinking after reading other posts that it would be great to have a web site where you could post and download media for DarkBASIC. It would all be freeware, and would rely on people posting things as well as downloading.
I suppose the main media would be 3d models, but it could also have 2d, textures, levels and code snippets. It would all have to be relevant to DarkBASIC, but if enough people are interested, I think it would be great.
I can make the website, but I would need lots of people to contribute, as I'm not that good at the artistic side of DarkBASIC.

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Joined: 2nd Dec 2002
Location: United States
Posted: 4th May 2003 17:48
Many people have there own sites with free models.I agree that it would be great if we did have one huge site with hundreds of models textures, etc.

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