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Music & Sound FX / 3d Model Community looking for some help from the Music Community...

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Joined: 11th Nov 2010
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Posted: 1st Apr 2011 09:12
Dear Music Community Peoples,
A few of us 3d modeling community peoples are working on a Tron and Tron: Legacy model pack that once finished is going to be released for free. For anyone not familiar with the Tron movies the first one was back in the 80's and the second one just came out a few months ago and featured Daft Punk for the entire music score.

Okay now that you've got the what is this all about here's the question/favor:

Is there any chance any of you music peoples might be interested in helping us modeling peoples out with some 80's style music and some more modern daft punk style music to use along with the model pack??

Personally I think it's all too rare the the 3d modeling and music communities on here get together and co-op on a community pack, and I think it's about time that changes don't you?

Here's the link to the Tron thread:

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