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3 Dimensional Chat / [Search]Game Asset Creator

Dark Goblin
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Joined: 19th May 2006
Posted: 12th Dec 2012 23:03 Edited at: 12th Dec 2012 23:04
Game Asset Creator

Hey guys.
Some of you might know me from the FPS Creator part of this forum or from some DBP threads here and there.

Today I need to adress a little different thing.
*switching to left align in 3...2...1...*

You all know the problem. Starting a real proejct with a great idea and the possibility to finish it. You have the skill and everything needed, but the real truth is, you can't create all the content by yourself.

This is where one (or more) of you can step into place.
We have a very unique game idea which we want to realize in UDK but as I said, we can't create all content by ourselfs.

So what we need:
- 3d Game Asset Creator (or normally known as 3d Modeller)
The models should be UDK ready with second UV for lightmapping and normal UV Channel with UV texture. Normalmaps etc. could be created seperately. So some basic knowledge of content creation for UDK should be present.

As we also know, that no human being would do this for free, getting paid for it is out of question. But further questions regarding payment should be discussed via email and should not be part of this thread.

So if your interested, feel free to post in this thread or even better, write an email to the email adress found at the bottom of this post.
Please send us some examples of previous models you created, so we can take a look at them. This just gives us an impression of your skills (and models) and if they match our imagination of the final product.
Further information regarding game style and model style can also be discussed via email.

I hope we get some answers, as this would help us bringing our project into motion.

Kind regards,

Instant Messenger: (on email request)

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Location: Preston, Lancashire
Posted: 13th Dec 2012 13:14 Edited at: 13th Dec 2012 13:18
feel free to take a look at my site and let me know if i could be of any help.


EDIT - you could also look at some models i am creating (long term project) for a game i am making. Here

Dark Goblin
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Joined: 19th May 2006
Posted: 13th Jan 2013 12:26
First thanks for your reply unfamillia.

I just wanted to say that we still need people, so this is not dead.

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