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Work in Progress / Auto Hill climb

Super Players
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Joined: 24th Apr 2018
Posted: 24th Apr 2018 11:46
Hello everyone

We are planning on making a new game called Auto Hill Climb, its all about driving along exciting roads, getting the rush of speeding down a hill and upgrading your bike to destroy all the levels !!
We will be posting screen shots and images soon!!
Interested what you have to say and eager to see what the community has to say about the idea?
Derek Darkly
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Joined: 22nd Sep 2011
Location: Whats Our Vector, Victor?
Posted: 15th May 2018 19:34

I think the title needs a little work, especially if it's dirt bikes and not cars.
Other than that, I suffer from bathmophobia; a fear of slopes and inclines. Such a game might be the end of me!

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Seppuku Arts
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Joined: 18th Aug 2004
Location: Cambridgeshire, England
Posted: 15th May 2018 23:36
Hi my dude (or dudette),

Without trying to come off as awkward or anything, but in terms of feedback you've not given much in the way of stuff for folks to work with. We do have a guide on knowing when your game is ready for a WIP post.

If you got screenshots on the way, sweet, post 'em in as soon as you got them, should help with feedback.

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