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AppGameKit Chat / AMD or Intel for Development Machine?

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Joined: 12th Feb 2018
Location: Yorkshire
Posted: 13th Jul 2018 01:07 Edited at: 13th Jul 2018 01:18
Hi Coderinos!

I'm going to purchase a new laptop and I have come down to two choices, one running an AMD A9-9410, the other an Intel Core i3-6006U (Both Lenovo V110s). Neither of these processors are particularly powerful, both laptops are priced at approx £350. Is there anyone on here who knows of any reason to choose one processor manufacturer over the other, specifically when using the computer to run AppGameKit? Thank you for reading. I will be buying the computer either this Friday or next, in some part motivated by the TGC Sales on Steam, and realise that it is late in the day to ask. If there is a reason to choose one over the other then that will sway me, currently I am leaning toward AMD but that idea is still young and my opinion is fickle.

Thank you.
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Posted: 13th Jul 2018 01:34 Edited at: 13th Jul 2018 01:38
referring to this comparison

The Intel outperforms the AMD on nearly all tests

Ive always preferred Intel

as for video cards my preference is Nvidia sure there are Radeon cards which for the same money have a better frame rate
the FPS goes up and then Below the much more steady Frame rate of the Nvidia card
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Joined: 16th Apr 2003
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Posted: 13th Jul 2018 16:02
I've almost always been an intel/nvidia guy too. I adopted the first athlon when they hit market in the 90s but I've been intel ever since the P4.

Do both laptops rely on integrated graphics? That's another thing to consider in the benchmarks, intel graphics vs an amd.
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Joined: 12th Feb 2018
Location: Yorkshire
Posted: 15th Jul 2018 19:47
Yes, both laptops rely on integrated graphics. Thanks for the pointers, I will be going for an Intel processor. Intel seems the more popular choice and nobody has said anything regarding AppGameKit working better on a computer featuring a processor from either Intel or AMD. Thank you.
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