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Newcomers AppGameKit Corner / Newbie here! [2D Hidden Object/Point & Click]

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Joined: 6th Jan 2019
Posted: 6th Jan 2019 13:01
Hello there,

I was recommended to come here by a user named @baxslash. I have been gifted this application on Steam because a friend knew I was interested in making a game. I have done some research online and I can't seem to find any simple tutorials for what I want to achieve. I am a digital artist in my spare time so I would like to create some simple basic images to get me started with my idea. My idea of a game is a point and click game, with hidden object scenes. And possibly a card system where you can collect decks and earn rewards. I know I may need to invest in some time learning some C++ but if anyone can link some simple tutorials or guides here, I would really appreciate it. Maybe even some base default artwork to work from.
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Joined: 9th Nov 2018
Posted: 7th Jan 2019 08:24
If you don't have earlier programming experience (and even if you would have) I would recommend checking The Official AppGameKit Tutorial Guides Vol 1 & 2. There's a free extract available also if you want to check before buying. There's a separate guide for C++ stuff but I would not start with that without having experience in the language itself.

Also check the official Help and Guides.

You can also found a bunch of examples under the installation folder of AppGameKit in the folder called "Projects". More examples are available if you buy the games packs.
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Posted: 7th Jan 2019 22:32
Welcome RudiBH
A friend of baxlash is also our friend

w0rm already made good suggestions, but did you know there is Tier 1 which is "Basic" syntax and Tier 2 which is "using the AppGameKit library in C++".
I also recommend to try Tier 1 first, it's easier to learn and you can do pretty much every Basic to Medium game, and I classify a point and click game to be in that range.
There are Sprite Demos shipped with AppGameKit and if you get more specific questions, then our community will answer them for sure
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Posted: 8th Jan 2019 09:37
Quote: "A friend of baxlash is also our friend"

Shucks thanks janbo

I already provided a Tier 1 example (attached for anyone interested). Using library commands this could be easily adapted into Tier 2 and/or expanded.
Using AppGameKit V2 Tier 1


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Posted: 8th Jan 2019 17:37
I would build an editor first. Load the scene image and use the mouse to drawn or outline the "hidden" objects, storing that information to be loaded for the game.
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Posted: 2nd Feb 2019 21:11 Edited at: 2nd Feb 2019 21:16
A hidden object game should just be a matter of

where the value of hit would be the sprite you clicked

I would recommend for a hidden object game to use arrays might pay to read up on them

for example myObjects as integer[9] allows for 10 hidden objects as a type of integer (ie a number with no decimals)

the checking routine
would then look something like this

just a bit of an idea of what you need good luck with your project hidden object games are addictive and very popular

PS you would still need to declare all of your sprites and keep there values in the array
ie a loop where myobjects[num]=createSprite(yourimage)

looking forward to see pics later

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