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AppGameKit Classic Chat / CAR-V-UP revisited

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Posted: 17th Mar 2019 14:46 Edited at: 17th Mar 2019 15:35
Im using this for a Game Jam but may build upon it to create the game further in time (more however especially after the Game Jam is completed

Its a replicate with a bit of a difference

My version


Game play

Level up - a block dissapears allowing you to drive through to the next Stage/Level

Features to do

- Add enemies
- Add more special effects
- Create new levels and Stages
- Create bonus rounds
- Music and sounds
- Compatible with Android on Landscape with Giro work to be able to move < and > and a quick flip to jump
plus many more

Will work more on this soon

Hope you like
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Posted: 17th Mar 2019 17:25
Nice graphics
I'm not a grumpy grandpa
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Posted: 17th Mar 2019 17:42

If you want to have a go then can download it from the GameJam

But please dont comment much on that - as its Fubarpks GameJam to review

Enjoy the fun drive at least
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