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DarkBASIC Professional Discussion / Should I learn a different language before Dark Basic?

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Joined: 22nd Jun 2014
Posted: 19th Jun 2019 08:50
I have a history of wanting to learn to program, but I found myself somewhat stuck since I couldn't stick to one language at a time and it's like I'm not advancing like I'm supposed to.

I downloaded the new Dark Basic IDE from GitHub, I wonder if I should continue pursuing or learn another language completely before I do some DB because DB will just "spoil" me?

What am I doing wrong here?
Kevin Picone
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Posted: 20th Jun 2019 14:12 Edited at: 20th Jun 2019 14:15
Quote: " "I'm not advancing like I'm supposed to""

we all feel like this, but really you'll only improve if you continue to challenge yourself. So write out a list of things you aspire to do, then get about learning how to do them.

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Joined: 22nd Jun 2014
Posted: 21st Jun 2019 00:29
I guess it's not really a big deal that I "spoil" myself with DarkBasic maybe. I guess if it depends more on the specific task, and I'd have fun making games, I can continue digging in.
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Posted: 25th Jun 2019 12:15 Edited at: 25th Jun 2019 12:24
While I'm also not nearly as educated as I'd like, I can say that the perk (for me anyway) to starting with DBP is the fact that you can type away, mash that shiny F5 button, see it either run or fail, fix/improve, repeat. Later on I dabbled SLIGHTLY in C# and HTML (and a microscopic amount of LUA). Thing is; a programming language is a programming language. ALL of them have core values. Pay attention to the stack and heap. Keep in mind a general idea what's loaded in RAM and when. Each line is executed sequentially. Everything has a more or less standardized syntax.
Therefore; going deep into DBP will actually AID you when you hit other languages as well. You'll find similarities and obvious differences. You'll develop that eye for how to follow what's going on even if you don't understand every command, and develop context clues. So, yes. Go for DBP. If for no other reason than it is a HIGHLY educational journey and can produce actually good results if done right. I've seen enough bits and pieces to feel confident that a game made in DBP could be confused for a game made in Unreal and vice versa.

TL;DR stick with whatever feels solid to you. I just recommend DBP because while it IS friendly to work with, that doesn't mean it can't do big boy things too

EDIT: the "spoiling" aspect might be present to A DEGREE. But I'm given to understand numerous other languages spoil the programmer in other ways. Lots of people have programmed in more recognized languages who never put a second thought into optimization, only to (if they care) double back and research how to code closer to the hardware than they ever intended to. This language too also has those teirs. So whichever you go with, don't let FOMO get to you.
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Posted: 29th Jun 2019 04:27
Quote: " I'm not advancing like I'm supposed to. "

How so? What are you suppose to be advancing like?

It doesn't matter what language you start with, but pick one and stick with it! You need to grasp the fundamentals first, and any language will teach you that. Once you understand "how" to program, learning a new language syntax is trivial. Switching between too many languages when you're just starting out you'll only confuse yourself and get frustrated. I started with QBasic in the 90s and only used qbasic for years before finally moving onto pascal. 20 years later now I work in coldfusion and I've never touched it before in my life!

Simply put, pick a language and just stick with it.
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