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Geek Culture / Coding challenges to do before christmas

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Posted: 1st Dec 2020 17:36
From now until Dec 25, you have two tasks to complete each day. Each completed task earns you a star, you need 50 stars to win. It's an Advent calendar for nerds like us. I've completed today's challenge, you can pretty much solve it in a web console with some javascript.
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Posted: 4th Dec 2020 16:28
I've discovered the leaderboard for this is completely meaningless, as points are biased towards people in other parts of the world. Points are awarded per challenge based on who solves it first. 100pts if you're the first down to 1pt if you were the 99th person to complete the puzzle. The new puzzles are posted at midnight my time, but for someone else that might be 6pm. Kinda gives them an advantage to be first.

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