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Geek Culture / The struggles of upgrading GPUs in this market

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Posted: 22nd Nov 2021 21:12
I've been wanting to upgrade my geforce 1060 since last year. I waited until the 30 series came out but thanks to a pandemic and crypto miners, graphics cards are next to impossible to get a hold of. And if you do, it's a hefty premium. My 1060 sells for twice what I paid for it years ago! Past few weeks, I have managed to find some cards in stock at microcenter. Even saw a 3080 and 10 min later a kid grabbed it. I just laugh at the fact he's paying almost $2k, since it was suppose to retail for like 1/3 of that. The market is just insane right now and it really sucks.

However, I just bought my very first pre-built computer. I priced out the build on Newegg matching the same components and comes to almost the same price as the pre-built. I think it was about a $100 difference, but I can buy Windows keys for less than $40 so that helps. My kid has been asking me for a PC all year and this one came with a 12Gb 3060 in a form factor short enough to work in my 9" deep mini-itx case. So kid gets a new computer (with a 1060 ) and daddy gets his 3060 finally.

I can't say exactly how much I saved, if anything, by going this route. I've seen systems selling over $800 with only a gtx 1050. Newegg for some ungodly reason has their 1060s all listed around $900! That's just for the GPU. While the 3060 was $440. But I see the 1060 on ebay for $300 to $400. So with current prices on the other components, I think I managed to save a little on my GPU upgrade. Besides, a 1060 is plenty to handle minecraft and fortnite or whatever he plays.

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