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Geek Culture / NVR options/discussion for home surveillance

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Posted: 9th May 2022 18:32
I've used night owl and another brand (i forget) in the past, these use a dedicated NVR system. While they get the job done, they tend to have terrible UIs and in the case of my last it have some features I never managed to get to work right. I have spare computers, so I figured why not make my own NVR. I'm using POE cameras connected to a switch and setup zoneminder on centos7. I find the interface dated in need of improvements. I've also run into performance issues where the application grinds to a hault when I try to set my camera feed to anything about 720p, despite only recording 1 camera at 24-bit (32bit has known issues, but its not needed anyway) and using nvidia hardware acceleration with an i7-3770k.

Today I learned about Shinobi and might give this a try. Was curious if anyone has used it before or if there's any other alternatives I can also take a look at.
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