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Code Snippets / [AGK] Save as String with Parsing [Multi-Platform]

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Posted: 3rd Nov 2022 04:59 Edited at: 3rd Nov 2022 05:18
the following is offered as example of saving/loading game/app data as/from a single string along with parsing and assignment of data within appropriately.

meant to be a cross-platform solution, the string will save/load as SharedVariables()/cookies where appropriate.

code is lightly commented:

when exporting to HTML for use @ or anywhere using cross-site cookies, make sure to apply THIS CHANGE to the .js player.

tested functional on WIN, Android and HTML with live demo HERE where you can change values and Refresh to reload saved data.

for a more involved "real" game example, see HERE with full source available HERE.
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Posted: 29th Nov 2022 18:35
There's several little things with, we should write up a sticky thread documenting all of them. The thread you linked to about cookies I saw parttimecoder mention something about failing to get a mysql highscore to work. I recall another thread (i'll have to find it) where I posted a solution that got my purpletoken system to work on itch. I think it'd be helpful for others we managed to roll all this info into a single thread.
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