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DarkBASIC Professional Discussion / Dark Basic Pro - Problems with My Code

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Joined: 16th May 2006
Location: BORG Drone Ship - Being Assimilated near Roda Beta (28)
Posted: 6th Nov 2023 15:05
Hi Guys

I'm at my limit here. I've been messing around with this for a while now and I'm
getting nowhere fast!

I've posted different question on different threads all relating to the different
issues I'm experiencing.

It seems none of you are able to give any advice without me posting a sample, so here
it is... well sort of this is my test application it's not as tidy or functional but
works enough to highlight the issues.

Full package included along with a compiled exe and all resources.

[Esc] Quit
[Q] Turn Left
[W][Up] Move Forward
[E] Turn Right
[A][Left] Step Left
[S][Down] Move Backward
[D][Right] Step Right
[Mouse Up] Look Up
[Mouse Down] Look Down
[Mouse Left] Look Left
[Mouse Right] Look Right

Application is in a Window that Captures & Hides Mouse, in the event of a crash,
use CTRL-ALT-DELETE to bring up Taskmaster to terminate.

The Scene has been removed until I get the Environment working properly
UPDATE_ENVIRONMENT() should re-enable this.

Throughout the code there are many REM --- messages detailing various section
and DBP parameters. There are also a load of REM --- NOTE* detailing specific
issues I'm experiencing.

This Application is using Vannilla DBP (or should be!) if any of you guys have a
better more stable method for achieving what's required I'm open to suggestion.

As far as the Environment module goes, I'm trying to create a single object using
all the meshes and objects defined within, It's basically a Sky Dome made of
several objects...

dATM = Atmosphere.
This is typically a colour gradient that changes colour based on Time
dHLC = High Level Clouds.
This is typically a semi-transparent image or Cirrus Clouds
dLLC = Low Level Clouds.
This is typically a semi-transparent image or Cumulus Clouds
dSEA = Sea Level.
This is typically a semi-transparent, Reflective surface

It appears to be having several issues,
The Atmosphere and Cloud Matrices don't want to support scrolling of textures or
transparency either?
The Sea Object appears not to be positioning correctly or being reflective?
The test objects should all be positioned above it not under it?


Any Ideas how to make this a single object with each part a separate limb that
will support all the required functionality?

Thanks In Advance


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Joined: 16th May 2006
Location: BORG Drone Ship - Being Assimilated near Roda Beta (28)
Posted: 11th Nov 2023 22:03
Fixed it somehow!
After days, and with no input from you guys,
It appears to be working now, the odd thing is, the only difference in the code is the addition of built in shadows, which oddly enough produce white shadows or no shadows if I set the alpha channel too zero.

anyway onward and upward
I'd thank someone, but as no one commented I guess I'll give this one to Lee & the Guys for making my life hell lol

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Posted: 17th Nov 2023 00:19
There's very few of us who look at the DBP board these days, as it's considered antiquated and has basically been replaced years ago by AGK. But seeing as your account is from 2006, I think you're aware of this. A lot of us have also moved mostly onto discord, it's a bit more active than the forums I'd say.
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"I like offending people, because I think people who get offended should be offended." - Linus Torvalds

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Location: BORG Drone Ship - Being Assimilated near Roda Beta (28)
Posted: 18th Nov 2023 19:04
Cheers Phaelax

Antiquated? you should see my Zimmer it's made of Wood, that's what I call Antiquated.
I try to avoid discord as it seems to be full of teenagers only interested in wasting other people's time.
'Why do you want to do that?' if I get asked that one more time
The old forums (do need updated!) are great, now that these trend setters have moved on and now that the old place is less chaotic, I get a chance to catch up (steering my Zimmer through the Web is a slow, slow, task!)

Progress: My current revamp of an old application is hitting one speed bump after another (It's relentless) Just changing a function name causes all sorts of weirdness and nope! no help to be found!

Good to hear from you.
Regards TinTin

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