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Newcomers DBPro Corner / [LOCKED] Tons of Tutorial's for Newcomers!

John H
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Posted: 4th Jan 2006 02:51 Edited at: 11th Jan 2006 00:52
Heres a list of tutorials that can be useful to Newcomers and regular users alike. Too many stickies were forming at the top of the forum (my bad) so heres a condensed list of them all

Sites and Major Posts
-The Basics of DBPro
-Tutorials, Guides and Advice for Newcomers
-Curved Basic - A Resource Site for Newcomers

-Just Purchased DB? Want to make an rpg?
-My First Pong Game
-The Newcomers Guide to Creating First Person Shooters Not Complete - But Still Useful!
-TDK's Timer Tutorial
-Quality Tutorials!
-Converting ScouseKinght's Pacman Tutorial to 2d

Hope you Enjoy the tutorials, and good luck with DBP!


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