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App Game Kit
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AGK Product Chat
General chat about the cross platform AGK dev kit

4,185  46,868  17th Apr 2014 23:08 in
How do I correctly make/fi...
by JimHawkins

AGK Showcase
Made something in AGK? Show it off here!

484  6,864  17th Apr 2014 21:48 in
[WIP][Tier 1] Diablo The P...
by ThrOtherJoJo

AGK topics relating to Windows

84  454  17th Apr 2014 20:59 in
Cyrillic alphabet problem
by Ancient Lady

AGK topics relating to iPhone, iPad, and other iOS devices

222  1,652  17th Apr 2014 23:10 in
Launch Images disappear be...
by Naphier

AGK topics relating to the Android platform

322  2,558  15th Apr 2014 21:18 in
by Stormforce

AGK topics relating to MacOS

18  89  28th Feb 2014 12:23 in
Can't install AGK on OSX
by Boulderdash

AGK topics relating to Blackbery devices

31  96  17th Dec 2013 02:17 in
How am I supposed to compi...
by Tone Dialer

AGK Pascal
AGK topics relating to Pascal

15  55  17th Apr 2014 10:38 in
3D demo
by JimHawkins

Freedom Engine
Topics relating to Freedom Engine

25  82  16th Apr 2014 15:33 in
none compatible operating ...
by Double Dimension
DarkBasic Products
Board Topics Posts Last Post

DarkBASIC Professional Discussion
For everything DarkBASIC Professional, post and read about it here.

39,703  361,537  17th Apr 2014 23:49 in
New CSG Commands For Boole...
by Chris Tate

DarkBASIC Discussion
This is for all things relating to DarkBASIC Classic.

9,002  80,638  1st Apr 2014 02:36 in
Game Arcade
by Conjured Entertainment

Dark Physics & Dark A.I. & Dark Dynamix
This board is for all Dark Physics, NVIDIA PhysX, Dark A.I. and Dark Dynamix discussion

1,920  12,306  9th Apr 2014 03:43 in
DarkAI patrolling path is ...
by aerostudios

Dark GDK
For everything to do with the Dark GDK

8,926  62,033  17th Apr 2014 00:09 in
Now I know why I never ins...
by The Tall Man

For everything to do with the Dark GDK .NET

380  1,863  6th Apr 2014 16:22 in
DarkGDK Addons
by gbison

For everything to do with the PureGDK

133  978  19th Mar 2014 22:44 in
Collection of DB objects
by aerostudios

Newcomers DBPro Corner
New to DarkBASIC Professional programming? Fear not for there are people on-hand to help you out in here.

16,106  101,824  17th Apr 2014 16:56 in
Need Help With this code.
by WickedX

Code Snippets
This is the famous Code Snippets board! Post your code here for others to benefit from.

2,617  17,887  16th Apr 2014 16:43 in
[DBP] - Very Basic 3D Scen...
by Le Verdier

The 20 Line Challenge
So you think you can code? Prove it! Write the best program you can in 20 lines of code or less. Read the rules post inside for info.

853  8,112  5th Feb 2014 14:22 in
Dbpro Shatter effect
by chafari

Bug Reports
Use this board to report bugs you think you might have found in DarkBASIC Professional.

2,031  21,269  15th Apr 2014 15:25 in
Load Image/Sprite function...
by Green Gandalf

DLL Talk
Anything relating to DLLs such as BLUE, Nuclear Glory, Terrain, etc.

1,906  13,417  16th Apr 2014 07:17 in
Smart Packer - Accessing E...
by Sph!nx

Anything related to the TGC website

213  804  5th Apr 2014 22:53 in
Please remove RealmCrafter...
by The Next

For discussing the newsletter and its articles

18  72  21st Feb 2014 23:37 in
January Newsletter is now ...
by RickV
FPS Creator Classic
Board Topics Posts Last Post

FPSC Classic Product Chat
For all aspects of FPS Creator that don't fit into the other FPSC boards

19,049  233,388  17th Apr 2014 16:28 in
FPSC Beta Updates [Unoffic...
by s4real

FPSC Classic Scripts
Talk about any aspect of FPSC script coding and post your own scripts here

7,245  54,171  17th Apr 2014 21:11 in
Door Script w/ Dud Chance ...
by ncmako

FPSC Classic Models and Media
Created a great model or have a media related question? This is the board to post it in

15,394  233,025  18th Apr 2014 00:25 in
Mini Gore Pack
by Cosmic Prophet

FPSC Classic Work In Progress
Post your screen shots, maps, web sites and other cool FPSC related things here

3,200  101,799  17th Apr 2014 22:13 in
[X9 PROJECT] Prison Nightm...
by JPM_fr

FPSC Classic Showcase
Have a finished FPSC Game or Demo? Show it off here.

194  6,347  13th Apr 2014 22:53 in
Drops of Death (The Black ...
by A dude

FPSC Classic Feature Creep
Got a great suggestion to make FPSC better? Air your thoughts here

1,387  11,407  23rd Feb 2014 01:03 in
Scared 3 The Nightmare
by Disturbing 13

FPSC Classic Bug Reports
Enter any bug reports about FPS Creator V1 here. Include as much detail as possible (PC spec, exact issue, screen grab, etc)

3,734  15,858  26th Mar 2014 13:25 in
fpsc classic
by BlackFox

FPS Creator X10
For FPS Creator X10 specific chat

2,718  27,268  8th Apr 2014 15:43 in
Characters do not move !
by Niclauke
Game Making
Board Topics Posts Last Post

3 Dimensional Chat
For everything about creating, modifying and using 3D models in your own games this is the forum to read.

10,405  118,732  17th Apr 2014 13:23 in
[Official] What Are You Wo...
by Barry Pythagoras

2D All the way!
You cannot ignore 2D, but it's all too easy to get stuck with it. This forum is for discussion about any 2D aspect of game creation (sprites, pixelling, platformers, etc)

2,808  19,517  15th Apr 2014 05:52 in
Art showcase.
by greenlig

Game Design Theory
Discuss game design, theory and non-code related techniques here.

1,842  25,990  17th Apr 2014 13:05 in
by BMacZero

Programming Talk
Discuss all non-DarkBASIC languages here such as PHP, HTML, JavaScript, C++, etc

3,022  21,201  17th Apr 2014 18:16 in
JavaScript - Using ajax to...
by Phaelax

Music & Sound FX
For all aspects of Music and Sound Effects in and for games, talk about it here.

821  5,523  11th Apr 2014 14:08 in
Environmental Sound Subjec...
by Olby
Board Topics Posts Last Post

3D Canvas Pro
Need some help with this 3D package? Want to share some tips or models? Then post about it here.

432  1,900  15th Aug 2013 17:30 in
3d crafter working poorly ...
by MrValentine

Texture Maker
Here you can post questions, suggestions, examples and resources for the Texture Maker program.

145  772  23rd Mar 2014 23:44 in
TreeMagik - won't load bru...
by MrValentine

3D World Studio
For any questions, comments or thoughts about the 3D World Studio and Cartography Shop packages.

2,987  23,384  3rd Apr 2014 01:42 in
Cartography 4.1 Launch Pro...
by MrValentine

ConvSEO & SketchUp
Talk about the ConvSEO DLL and SketchUp

110  601  8th Jul 2013 11:29 in
sketch up capability on DB...
by MrValentine
Board Topics Posts Last Post

Program Announcements
Written something of quality in DarkBASIC or DarkBASIC Professional? Then post about it here! Please try and include download locations and screen shots if possible.

2,104  43,280  14th Apr 2014 00:55 in
Indigo - A DBPro IDE Alter...
by Burning Feet Man

Work in Progress
If you've not quite finished your latest blockbuster, but still want people to comment on it then here is where you shout it out.

3,935  127,277  17th Apr 2014 09:20 in
Sports Fiction
by Chris Tate

Community Competition
This board is for the Community Competition entries

73  2,011  11th Feb 2014 09:54 in
App Game Kit - Snake Remak...
by kamac

Puzzle Game Competition
This board is for viewing and voting on the Puzzle Game Competition entries.

54  1,019  26th May 2006 01:12 in
by Chris Franklin

NVIDIA Competition 2008
Updated for 2008 Competition: Post your Work in Progress and competition questions here

270  6,518  4th Apr 2013 20:41 in
[PhysX Comp 2008] - My Ent...
by Game Master1330

Intel Competition
Post your Work in Progress and competition questions here

66  1,523  27th Jun 2012 03:47 in
[Intel Comp 2010] Baxslash...
by baxslash
Board Topics Posts Last Post

Geek Culture
This high volume board is for all geek / tech culture related threads not specific to game making. If it's off-topic but adheres to our AUP, it goes in here.

25,240  619,748  17th Apr 2014 23:44 in
DX11 poll
by Hawkblood

This is the place for NaGaCreMo related topics and a place where you can post any WIP threads

13  188  14th Mar 2014 07:34 in
Hover Car Race Challenge A...
by 29 games

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